Those days are over – Mona Mur & Miron Zownir – Poetry+Musik-Performance
16. November 2018

MONA MUR performs 15 music poems by MIRON ZOWNIR.
MONA MUR performt 15 musikalische Gedichte von MIRON ZOWNIR.

The album THOSE DAYS ARE OVER is a recent cross-media collaboration of two renowned artists: Singer, performer and composer Mona Mur transforms 15 poems, written by photographer, writer and filmmaker Miron Zownir, into deeply disturbing "Poetronica" revealing a cynical “outsider” perspective onto the many superficial surfaces of our existence.
Mona Mur, whose musical career began in the early 1980s, created an absorbing, mysterious soundscape with the setting of Miron Zownir's English-language poems, absorbing the idiosyncratic expressiveness of the poet with her mystic voice and her musical compositions full of powerful melancholy and provocative wildness.
As an introduction of the evening, Miron Zownir will show a selection of his short films.

The CD “Those Days Are Over” is exclusively available at live performances.

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