RIGHT ON! (Trilogie über Macht I) – Marcozzi Contemporary Theater – Performance

RIGHT ON! (Trilogie über Macht I) – Marcozzi Contemporary Theater – Performance
22. November 2019

RIGHT ON! ist eine Performance über die Lebenserfahrungen, die im Zusammenhang mit den Opfern des italienischen Anti-Terrorismus-Gesetzes 270 stehen. Inspiriert wurde der erste Teil der Trilogie über Macht durch Geschehenisse in Italien. Im Juni 2012 wurden dort zehn Menschen verhaftet und angeklagt, Teil einer subversiven Verschwörung mit dem Ziel des internationalen Terrorismus zu sein. Sie wurden über ein Jahr in Preventionshaft gehalten. Ein Jahr später wurden sie freigelassen, weil der Großteil an Anklagepunkte sich als haltlos erwiesen hat.

RIGHT ON! is inspired by a personal life experience concerning the Italian anti-terrorism law 270 bis and it is the first performance that gives life to the Trilogy of Power, exploring the influence that political power has on the individual. RIGHT ON! takes inspiration from the sharp sensations of anger, helplessness, and strong fear that one has by facing some controversial aspects of justice and is an exhortation to strength, action; it is a motivation to "life-in-spite-of-everything”.

The idea of “The- life-in-spite-of-everything” makes RIGHT ON! an homage to the existences of people (close friends) who demonstrated a rooted human strength in spite of they being subject to the process of their ideas, from the Italian legal order. In Italy, on June 13th 2012, ten people have been accused of being part of “Subversive Association with purpose of international terrorism”. Three of them were my flatmates and my close friends, and have been held in "preventive detention" for one year - without process: this is what is allowed by the anti-terrorism Italian law 270-bis. One year later they came out of prison, and the major part of the accusations were considered unfounded.
RIGHT ON! brings on scene the human strength which pushes one man or woman to remain a man or woman, even if victim of justice decisions which are independent from him or her. Whoever's life can change in a few minutes, becoming a life of terrorist or criminal. It is just about categories.
When I saw my friends out of the prison, they were strong, beautiful, full of grace and power: what is this strength that continues to make us human?

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A performance in English by Daniela Marcozzi
Artistic support of Peter Rose/Practical Works
Photo by Jerun Vahle

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