Watermouth – Louis DeCicco & Daniela Marcozzi
20. April 2018

"...In German language the words Geschichte - Gedicht - Gesicht, even with a similar assonance, have three different meanings: history, poem and face. Allowing myself the privilege to play with these words, I assume that history is a poem written on man's face..." [Louis DeCicco]

"Watermouth" is the first solo album by Louis DeCicco and it has been created during the year 2016 between Berlin and the countryside of Benevento. The atmospheres reflect the environment of these two places and create a trait-d'union between two different solitudes and ways to experience the world.

From the nordern melodies à la Bert Jansch to the vaste Ry Cooder's landcapes, passing through gnawa music and jazz ballads; each song is played in order to disclose its hypnotic and ancestral sense and stimulate the hidden imagination of people, leaded by the musician through a psychedelic and timeless journey.

Short Bio

Louis DeCicco is a composer and guitar player born in Benevento from a family of artists in which he received his first musical education as a pianist before switching to the guitar at age of 14.
He attended at Federico II University in Napoli, graduated in human studies before to entirely devote his life to the music.

In 2011 he won the Eddie Lang jazz guitar prize as the best italian talent; anyway his playing refuses classic style boundaries and incorporates primitive traditions from North and South America, Africa, mediterranean sea and is strongly influenced by other art fields like painting, cinema, photography, theatre. From 2013 he begins to collaborate with the performer Daniela Marcozzi, with whom is recently involved in live concerts and artistic residencies (InSitu - Pesaro, ExFornace - S.Andrea di Conza).

In the year 2017 he released his first solo album, Watermouth. 







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