Diagonal Vertigo – Marcozzi Contemporary Theater – Performing Arts Festival Berlin
02. Juni 2019

​“Diagonal Vertigo” ist die dritte Performance der Triologie der Macht von Daniela Marcozzi, die den Einfluß von politischer Macht auf das individuelle Leben des Einzelnen untersucht. Die Performance wurde durch den Zusammenbruch der Morandi Brücke im August letzten Jahres in Genua, Italien, inspiriert.

“Diagonal Vertigo” is the third performance of the Trilogy of Power by Daniela Marcozzi exploring the influence of political power on the individual. The Trilogy will end up with the performance “Diagonal vertigo” that will explore the biological seed of power, the natural balance between life and death.
What is the relation between political power and the survival of out species? And the balance between the survival of the individual and the survival of the species?

In the adult organism, every day ca. 50 milliard of cells die to let the organism survival and evolve. Those cells can be infected or physiologically not necessary any more for the organism's survival. The process in charge of maintaining this balance is called apoptosis, a true cellular suicide, a programmed cellular death. The dying cells can be infected or physiological not necessary any more for the survival of the organism.

If we picture our society as an organism, we could easily ask: is there also in our society a kind of programmed individual death, a kind of “social apoptosis”?

“Diagonal vertigo” is inspired by the tragic event that happened on August 14, 2018, in Genoa: 200 meters of the renown and majestic Morandi Bridge collapsed, killing 43 people. A true disaster. The Italian Government has accused ASPI, the Italian Highway operator, of poor maintenance and of pocketing profits instead of investing money in maintenance. ”Diagonal Vertigo” explores the contradiction of our own sense of survival. Aren't those responsible for the deadly collapse of the bridge also crossing the same bridges and roads? Why would they be looking for profitable solutions at the expenses of their own life and the life of their children? Is there a new concept of survival?

A performance by Daniela Marcozzi
Music: Louis De Cicco
Microscope Video Editor: Pierluigi Muscolino
Digital Scenography: Pasquale Direse
Costume: Susanne Kasper
Mask: Daniela Marcozzi
Microscope camera: Daniela Marcozzi & Louis De Cicco
Poster: Carlo Bortolini
Lights: Paolo Grazzi

Diese Aufführung erfolgt im Rahmen des Performing Arts Festival Berlin
28. Mai bis 2. Juni 2019

Eintritt: 12 €, 8 € ermäßigt

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