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Scratch Theater: Ripple Effects – Theater

On January 21, Scratch Theater presents „Ripple Effects“. A word of advice, an unexpected encounter, a tear or a smile. Impressions that ripple outward into our lives, shaping our thoughts, needs and desires. Join us as we explore the experiences that form us. We invite you to our first show of 2023 at the cozy and lovely Expedition Metropolis on the banks of the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg. We’re very excited to be returning to this lovely space.

Performers: Robert Rodgers, Theresa Mertens, Dietger van Antwerpen, Colin Willox, Naomi Blakeslee & Andrés Atala-Quezada (piano)

Tickets: 14 EUR regular / 8 EUR reduced

© Nigel Willox

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