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Clownlab Berlin: At the Starbar – Kabarett

The Clownlab Berlin is a weekly course that started in 2017, with the intention of spreading the modern clown culture in this city. Not much is known about the evolution of the clown, from the classical circus until today. The new clown is everywhere; in theaters, on the street, online, on TV … Today they no longer, or not so often, wear a red nose. They blend in with the people. Even in secret. This course investigates the mechanisms of human nature, and tries to observe its processes with an ironic eye. With this research, we have prepared a small piece, using this method in the creation process. You are all invited to the second Clownlab Night Cabaret.

Direction: Willy the Clown

Entry: Adults 15 € Children 5 €
Please reserve your tickets by email: 
Be on time, clowns get nervous …

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