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ClownLAb Berlin: Willy the Clown (direction)

The ClownLAb Berlin is the weekly course started in 2017 in Berlin with the intention of spreading clown culture in this city. 
Not much is known about the evolution of the clown from the classical circus until today. This course investigates the mechanisms of human nature and tries to observe its processes with an ironic look.
With this research, we have prepared a small cabaret which is more an exchange of worldviews than a real cabaret.

Clown assistant: Mirsini Theodori 
Clown performers: Francesca Farri, Patrick Koch, Grace Farmer, Zainab Qaffas, Sofia Bystromborg, Luzie Helena, Iraklis Theodosiadis, Luis Diego Lopez Mendoza, Mario Schillinger
Teacher and Director: Antonio Villella

info about entrance: 
Adults: 12 euros.
Under 18: 5 euros
Family (from 4 people): 30 euros
Managers: 25 euros
Managers & very nice partner: always 25 euros

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