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International playback project „Between: Playback performance „Stories to be told“– Performance

Playback theater is a form of improvised theater, where the audience
tells their stories and the actors and musicians turn them into a work
of art on stage. The name comes from a shortening of the phrase „We
are playing your stories back.“
The stories are told during the performance and there is no need to
prepare anything. During the performance, we hear a few stories from
the audience and see the connection between them. This allows you to
connect with each other on a new level, to heal, to feel like members
of a community, and to gain inspiration.

„Person goes to the theater today to stay human.“
Robert Lepage

We are the unique team that includes Ukrainians, Russians, people from
the occupied territory of Ukraine, Germans, and Swiss.

Come and tell us your story or just watch.

Entrance: donation

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