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c.a.l. perspectives: Die Höhle festival – Presentation visual sound experience

Die Höhle  is a scenic concept which goes back to the most basic and primitive  photographic phenomenon to highlight that any kind of human production is nowadays mostly perceived as a  photographic element. The entire Expedition Metropolis Theater will turn into a big reflex photo camera and the audience will have the possibility to sit inside it, watching how the simple effect of light brings inside real time analog photographic projections of artwork and performances spotted on the outer stage. In September 2024 several artists will present their work in this way during a two days festival. On April the 26th a unique presentation event will take place. For the first time the Expedition Metropolis Theater will be transformed into a big reflex photo camera in order to show Planatia’s performance; an experimental solo concert which will mysteriously introduce the festival’s program driving the audience in a unique visual/ sound experience.

Director: Claudio Di Paola
Sound performer
: Planatia

Entrance: 15 € / 12 €

All spaces are level to the ground or accessible by ramp. Should you be faced with accessability issues, please reach out to us via or 030 47 98 01 52 in advance. We will do our best to facilitate your visit.

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