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THE FOURTH WALL: a night of stories never told – Improvisationstheater

An improvised theatre show, a night at the theatre, at the cinema, behind the scenes.
An international cast of improvisers will take you through the fourth wall and beyond.
First half: Behind the scenes.
A look behind the scenes of the films you have never seen… stories that have never been told.
Second half: Inner voices.
A ride through the human brain’s struggles when facing life decisions and everyday dilemmas. 

Language: English

And after the show, party! Stay for a drink… Berlin has got such a vibrant performing arts community, we would like to get to know each other and develop ideas for future projects together.

Tickets: 13 (standard) / 8 (reduced)
(reduced price for low income and for members of improv schools or groups in Berlin)


All spaces are level to the ground or accessible by ramp. Should you be faced with accessability issues, please reach out to us via or 030 47 98 01 52 in advance. We will do our best to facilitate your visit.

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