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Catalyst Berlin: Tusk Tusk – englisches Theater

by Polly Stenham

Polly Stenham’s Tusk Tusk takes on a new and modern face with this production directed by Sebastian Matthias Weissbach. With chaos, intrigue, and excitement, this dark comedy will pull at your heartstrings while keeping you on the edge of your seat.
When Elliot, Maggie, and Finn’s mom disappears, they find themselves in an odd situation. At first, everything is fine, but as time goes by, trouble sets in…

with: Aisha Kalymzhanova, Axel Vera, Dariia Gaycheva, Elena Stoll, Felix Mangold, Julie Gekle, Mariana Damianidou, Marla Xaviera, Maya Balazs, Shivani Bajaj, Mona Teresa Piontek
directed by: Sebastian Matthias Weissbach

Entrance free.


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