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„What now?“ and “The Last Letters”: The two mask theater in working progress – Theater

An evening where Tomoya, Nikos and Francesco will share the result of their residency of research on physical story telling and mask theatre.

“The Last Letters”
Performed by Tomoya Kawamura; Directed by Francesco Procopio
Some letters are delivered some letters are meant to be delivered, some letters cannot to be delivered, and some letters are waiting to be delivered in the right movement. 
The story is based on the letters held by a woman named Tome, from Kamikaze pilots in WW2.

„What Now?“ 
Performed by Francesco Procopio and Nikos Wölfl „Now what?“ is the simple and ordinary story of how the simple and ordinary life of simple and ordinary people stops to be simple and ordinary.

Artists Bio
°Francesco Procopio
Francesco Procopio is an actor, physical performer, mask maker and director based in Berlin.He loves being on stage as well as working behind the scenes. He collaborates with different companies and organizations in Berlin and the rest of Europe. Among many other, with Coraggio – Die Kulturanstifter e.V.  he teaches high wire balancing and Atelier Mask Movement (Italy) as movement teacher.More info about Francesco and his work can be found here:

°Tomoya Kawamura
Tomoya Kawamura is an actor, director and production manager originally from Japan. He completed his studies in acting at the Tokyo Kandenchi Drama Academy in 2011. Since then, he has worked as an actor, director and production manager in a variety of productions in Tokyo, including The Show Must Go On by Jerome Bel  Tomoya Kawamura has lived in Berlin since 2018 and works as an independent artist in Europe. More info about Tomoya and his work can be found here:

°Nikos Wölfl 
Nikos Wölfl is a sculptor, maskmaker, and youth worker. He would like to live in the high mountains but lives and works now in a community near Halle (Saale). There he is either fighting with the material or working on interdisciplinary art.

Regie: Francesco Procopio
Performance: Tomoya Kawamura, Francesco Procopio, Nikos Wölfi

Entrance: 8-15 Euro

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