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Lisa Merkert und Merlina Parot: 2 One Woman Shows

Kurze Beschreibung Michael: 50 min

Michael is a comedic live theatre performance. It is a one-woman show that deals with sexism and sexual harassment in the workspace based on the artist’s personal experiences. The story is about Michael, a sexist manager who faces sexual harassment allegations in the office. Its purpose is to point out that a lot of companies don’t take enough action against sexual harassment. 

Kurze Beschreidung Gen What?: 50 min

Merle is a mid twenties single, wild child on the streets of Berlin exploring sex and dating through the lens of feminism and femininity. Which are in fact not the same thing. This takes Merle to the struggle of falling apart financially, emotionally and physically. Leaving her with the big thought of “What does being a woman today mean and why?”

Name/ Funktion der Akteure: 

Schauspieler/Drehbuch Michael: Lisa Merkert

Schauspieler/Drehbuch Gen What: Merlina Schaffler

Date/Time: 03.02.2024 19:30 Uhr, 04.02.2024 18:30 Uhr


Normalpreis: 12 €

Ermäßigt (Student*innen): 10 €

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